Marquette Mountain holds public forum to hear insight from community

MARQUETTE — A favorite skiing spot in Marquette chose a proactive way of engaging the public, along with hearing its concerns.

Marquette Mountain invited people for a public forum held earlier today, to address concerns the public had, along with providing information on what the hill has been working on.

“Tonight we’ve invited members of our community to the ski hill to hear a little bit about what we’ve been up to this summer, but to ultimately give them an opportunity to be heard,” said Andrew Farron, General Manager of Marquette Mountain. “That’s something that everyone has been really wanting for the last few years. It’d be foolish for me to ignore some of the insight that the local community members have.”

The management also utilized this forum to explain and give more insight on the hill’s lesser–known and less–visible projects, such as a new power system and new underground piping, that the public might otherwise not know about.

In a show of a more transparent management, Marquette Mountain hopes to have more frequent public forums in the future.