Bay Cliff receives over $58,000 from various biker groups

POWELL TOWNSHIP — A camp for people with physical disabilities is now much better off, thanks to a generous giveaway from various biker groups.

The Bay Cliff Health Camp has received a generous check from biker clubs from around the UP, who paid a memorable visit to the campers.

“They love the ride-through,” said Clare Lutgen, Executive Director of the camp. “They absolutely love it when all of [the bikers] come through and they wave. But afterwards, the campers can go up and look at their bikes, and those are such an investment for the folks that own them, and for them to be so open and welcoming to let campers sit on them and look at them is really special.”

As one of the bikers explains, any way they can help the campers matters in the long run.

“Us motorcyclists, we’re out and enjoying things,” said Tom Spencer, one of the bikers. “And all of the campers up here, they’ve never had a chance to ride a motorcycle or run and jump and play. We feel that if we could only raise just a little bit of money to make their lives a little bit better, life’s good.”

With help from Bald Eagle Harley–Davidson of Marquette, the bikers raffled off one motorcycle, with one ticket costing $5.

The grand total reached $58,516.00, which will go towards keeping the cost of attending the camp down for campers.

This is the 33rd year that this generous giveaway has happened, and the bikers and campers are hoping for many more.