“From Ballet to Blues” raises money for UP public libraries

MARQUETTE — Libraries from across the U.P. will benefit from an interesting fundraiser that was held earlier tonight. “From Ballet to Blues” combined two unlike mediums, to raise money for public libraries and all who use them.

“Libraries are a place you can go, no matter your economic status,” said Shawn Andary, Director of the Superiorland Library Cooperative. “They’re always there for you. Another reason for the fundraiser is to let people know it’s not just about books, we also have digital materials, we can help you to figure out how to navigate the internet, we provide community rooms, etc. We’re there for the community.”

Like the name suggests, the show featured both a ballet show and a blues band performance.

The proceeds from the show will go to the Upper Peninsula Region of Library Cooperation.

The UPRLC is now giving out individual grants to libraries from across the UP and parts of lower Michigan, for things such as guest speakers, history lectures, and many other events.

For more information on the library cooperatives involved, visit their website here.