Northiron Church building something with more than Legos

ISHPEMING — You probably know what a church is and how it’s run, but this church is trying build something different. NorthIron Church which is located in Ishpeming and Marquette has been growing in the community for a few weeks now.

With the addition of the Lego statue in front of church for their “At The Movies” event, many people (especially kids) have been interested to see what the hype is about.

“We had a lot of people involved, we have a creative team at our church and they built that whole thing from the ground up and we have a lot kids and they’re hanging on that thing, getting pictures,” said Travis Ryan, the assistant pastor at NorthIron Church. “It’s amazing seeing the kids faces on Sunday morning walking up and their eyes light up. Part of the idea was just to create some buzz so people would look and say hey what’s going on. We just want people to check out the church because we want people to know who we are and come and get involved.”

For more information, you can visit their Facebook page by clicking here.