Marquette wins three beautification awards for parks, landscapes

MARQUETTE — Driving into Marquette, one of the first things people notice is the dazzling array of flowers along the roadside.

Spots like that and many others are the reason Marquette received a few notable awards earlier tonight.

The Michigan Nursery and Landscape Association presented Marquette with three Community Landscape Beautification Awards, which celebrate beautiful landscapes and what they can do for communities like Marquette.

“When you drive into a community that has put something into beautification of their community, you can just tell it’s a sense of pride,” said Amy Upton, Executive Director of the MNLA. “It makes you want to be there. It makes you want to stop for lunch there. It makes you want to spend time there. Not to mention the environmental impacts; it does so much for all of Michigan’s environments and the Great Lakes.”

The three separate projects that received awards were the Father Marquette Park, the Marquette Streetscape, and the Petunia Pandemonium.

The Michigan Nursery and Landscape Association took many things into account while picking the recipients of the awards, including overall impact on the area, the choice, quality and sustainability of the plant material, overall project design, among others.

Only 14 of these awards were given out statewide, with three going to Marquette.