MARQUETTE — The Marquette County Health Department hosted an event to help teach media partners and outlets about suicide being talked within the media.



The health department talked about how the media can help prevent the spread of suicide contagion and instill hope to vulnerable members in the community.

They went into great detail about the words we use when talking about the topic and how the things can be presented differently to help decrease any glorification of suicide. With this being a hot topic in today’s society it’s important for all groups in the county to help support each other.
Marquette County is a prime example of the support working to strengthen a small community.

“We do have a lot of support in this kind of community,” explained Sarah Derwin, Health Educator at the Marquette County Health Department. “We are small enough here that we know how to band together when we need to. Our media partners do really come out and cover our prevention oriented events and other community happenings. So we really do feel supported.”

The event also had guest speakers talking about different topics with suicide and personal experiences involving the topic.

For more information about suicide awareness or other topics you can click here.