VA Medical Center puts an emphasis on celebrating “Patient Experience Week”

MARQUETTE –The Oscar G. Johnson VA Medical Center is celebrating “Patient Experience Week.”

It’s a week-long celebration of the patients, and the type of care they receive when they visit the Medical Center.

Earlier this week, they put together a video on Facebook of veterans sharing their experience and care with the hospital.

The VA has been putting a large emphasis on making sure Veterans know they are there to serve them, and they are their mission.

“With every employee you encounter in this hospital, they really do believe in the mission and strive for excellence. We do put the Veterans first, from checking in with the clerk to getting checked in with the nurse; even to seeing your doctor. Our employees here are invested in making Veterans feel appreciated when they come in and they are well taken care of,” said Timothy Ellison, Veteran Experience Specialist.

Back in February, The Oscar G. Johnson VA Medical Center won best “Patient Experience” Level 3 for small facilities from at the Veterans Patient Experience Symposium.

For a link of the video click HERE.