Marquette DOC set to receive body cams, other technical improvements

Three holding cells in the booking area of the new Delta County Corrections Facility.

MARQUETTE — Corrections officers and other law enforcement are set to get some technical improvements, thanks to a grant approved by Marquette County.

The board of commissioners for the county approved the $33,148 grant, which will bring body cameras to better aid corrections officers in their line of duty.

“That’s for the people that work in corrections. We put the body cams on them for their protection, as well as inmates’ protection,” says Gerry Corkin, chairman of the 4th District. “If any questions come up of behavior from either side of the aisle so to speak, you have a video of it, and it can probably answer a lot of questions that might be asked.”

The funds will purchase 42 body cameras with 2 docking stations, along with the software needed for the cameras.

Also approved at the commission meeting was a $160,000 grant for paying the Marquette County Sheriff’s Department for overtime, as well as a new cruiser to be added to the fleet.