MARQUETTE — The Northern Michigan University (NMU) bookstore is finally in its permanent home at the University Center on campus.

The store opened its doors on Monday after being in temporary locations for the past year.

This new space allows students to get books, NMU gear, and school supplies all at one location.

“The space is brighter, it’s cleaner, and it’s a little bit more modern looking. It’s also set up as a modern college store where we’ve got a key online order pick–up area, so it makes it more efficient for the customers to come in and get their materials and then also more efficient for our staff to be able to pull the orders” said NMU Bookstore Manager, Paul Wright. “Everything’s really close together and we’ve got the computer system set up to do what we need to do.”

The bookstore was part of phase one of the “Northern Center” construction project.

Phase two of the project is expected to be done in August of 2020.

Updates for the second phase will include remodeling the conference center and a new ballroom on the second floor of the University Center.