Barleys Angels comes to the U.P.

MARQUETTE –Barleys Angels is an international group for a woman that has chapters all over the U.S. This group involves women getting out and trying craft beer to become educated on the subject of brewing.

The newest addition to the group is now located in the U.P.


“So they are an international organization that actually started in Portland, Oregon,” explained Founder of Barleys Angels U.P., Kylie Bunting. “It was started by a woman named Christine Jump. She has chapters all over now and I believe there is one in London and a couple in Canada and all throughout the United States too. I have personally started the chapter up here in the Upper Peninsula. The group is all about education and appreciation of craft beer among women.”


This group wants people to get out of their comfort zone and try unique beers that are from all across the U.P.

It also allows them to learn more about the crafting and brewing processes. But it also allows people to meet other members of the community.


“It is an opportunity for women too network with like minded women,” said Bunting. “This can be people who have never tasted craft beer before or people who are in the industry since they know a lot about craft beer. It really is all ends of the spectrum and it’s an opportunity for people who like craft beer and want to explore it further. It’s also for them to get together and network and to explore the great craft beer we do have in the Upper Peninsula.”


The first kickoff event for this chapter will be Thursday March 7th and it starts at 5:30 pm in Marquette at Ore Dock Brewing. The event will include a tour, beer tasting and some food.

“The brewers here are going to take us on an awesome tour of the brewery and have a nice guided tasting,” explained Bunting. “So they are going to bring us through some of their staple beers and also some of their new beers as well. There will be some light bites and an opportunity to just to chat with all the people who show up and some face to face time with the brewers and the employees who work at Ore Dock.


To attend the event you can purchase tickets online.

For the first event the cost of tickets will be $18 and that will cover the tour, beer and food. After the kickoff event, the U.P. founder of the group has big plans for the future.


“My goal is to do these events quarterly,” said Bunting. “So about every three months and I want to plan something fun and different each time. Some ideas that I have are doing full out beer dinners. That would consist of a full meal and a tasting to go a long with it. I also thought about hopping on a bus and heading up to some of the breweries that are a little bit further away from Marquette. I would like to get up to Cognition and also Upper Hand Brewery.”


But the main goal is to just have a warm welcoming atmosphere for women to come together and enjoy some good craft beer.


“I just want to make this a fun outlet for women to have a night out and have a little bit of fun,” explained Bunting. “It’s also to connect with people that they may have not met otherwise.”