MARQUETTE — November is national homeless awareness month – the Room at the Inn in Marquette is hoping to clear up common misconceptions, as they discuss the future of shelter facilities in the UP.

Earlier this week, a public forum was held by Room at the Inn to reach out to businesses, local law enforcement agencies, and others, to better understand concerns, and to explain their goals for the future. One thing the Room at the Inn has been contemplating for a while is their own, permanent facility, which could utilize a co-functioning space for housing and a warming center.

“We have to figure out how to make that happen, said the executive Director at Room at the Inn, Doug Russell. “For us the goal is crystal clear –  this is how we can best address the needs of out local homeless population. That is the key, there is enough need right here for us to address it.”

Russell says the out pour of support from the community – even the small gestures – makes all the difference in the world.