NMU Nursing Association donates socks for national homeless awareness month

MARQUETTE — ABC 10 met up with members from Northern Michigan University’s student nurses association, as they were donating pairs of socks to Room at the Inn.

The organization says they’re looking to be proactive, and assist those who need basic winter supplies, rather than having to see so many patients in the hospital that have illnesses or injuries that could have been avoided in the first place with help from community members.

“Well, as a nursing organization, we are looking at how we can, as nurses, work to prevent some problems that we see in the hospital,” said the President of the Student Nursing Association, Katja Olari. “We know with the homeless community, a lot of times,  in the cold weather, frostbite and injuries on toes are the things we see in the hospital.”

Throughout their fundraiser, the group was able to collect more than 100 pairs of socks that will go to people needing help from the shelter.