The Rocky Horror Show returns to Marquette

MARQUETTE — Just in time for Halloween, The Rocky Horror Show returned to the UP Masonic Center this past weekend. The cult classic is back for its second annual set of performances at the Red Room in Downtown Marquette.

There are still a few more performances on Tuesday and Wednesday nights this week for you to go see, and audience participation is applauded. And there’s just something about the show that keeps it coming back in the area.

“I think Halloween helps, and the movie was a cult classic,” said Bobby Glenn Brown, the director of the show who is also playing Dr. Frank-N-Furter. “And a lot of people regionally, especially in this environment, gives them a time to let go and get some entertainment and get involved and have a fun night of good entertainment. And we still encourage people to come get tickets at the door at the Masonic building or at”

Audience members will also be able to check out the new twist that they brought to it this year.

“The choreography for Rocky Horror is always interesting because every year they kind of pick a different theme,” said choreographer Eliisa Gladwell, who is also portraying Columbia in the productions. “This year it is 80’s, so choreography is 80’s-tastic. And it’s really fun to try to come up with new things. This is not my first time choreographing the show so it’s always fun to come up with new things for it. Please come out and support the Masonic Arts Fellowship Collaborative.”

Along with 7 p.m shows on both nights, there will be a midnight performance on Halloween. To buy tickets online, click here.