Plaidurday marks celebration of Yooper culture

MARQUETTE — If you’re like any good Yooper you know today is the worldwide celebration of plaid.

Plaidurday is the celebration of plaid, it occurs annually on the first Friday of October.

The message Bugsy wants to get out is that everyone in the U.P. is connected by a common thread and with plaid everyone can make a positive impact on the world.

Bugsy Sailor a native of the U.P. started this Yooper holiday back in 2011 after a co–worker down in Lansing was teasing him that he wears too much plaid.

“I did it the first year and it was a celebration among friends, but then a couple ideas developed for how to grow it the next year. Year by year it just continued to grow, its something I slowly worked at and a number of companies have gotten on board since,” said Bugsy Sailor, Creator of Plaidurday.

Since the beginning Stormy Kromer has participated and helped push the message.

This year Upper Hand Brewery is holding an event as well.

Rain or shine Yoopers gathered at McCartys Cover for the annual plaidtastic photo.