Northern Lights Dining Hall opened their doors

MARQUETTE — After much anticipation Northern Lights Dining Hall has officially opened their doors.

They want to change what has been a common place in most universities into a new experience for the students.

Northern Lights Dining Hall now offers a different variety of products and vendors.

The new dining hall on Northern Michigan University’s campus is not only for the students.

“It’s open to everybody, the community. We have over 800 seats in the room, were hoping it will never be cramped. The community is welcomed to come in; it’s a fixed rate at the door. That includes all you can eat, come in and grab a great meal. It’s a great place to meet with friends or have a small group come in and enjoy a great meal with us,” said Paul Schoonveld, Associate Director of Dining.

If it wasn’t for the great team of the dining hall services and the NMU campus they wouldn’t of made this happened.

For more information on Northern Lights Dining Hall click HERE.