NMU Wildcat statue unveiling

MARQUETTE — Something ‘big’ happened for Northern Michigan University on Friday, the unveiling of a new statue.

This statue has been “under wrap” since September 21.

It is a new wildcat statue that found it’s home in the academic mall.

The statue is placed adjacent to the garden that was placed earlier this month.

“Because this was such a special place to him, so for us, because it was so important to him it’s very important to us as well. This is amazing” said Gil Ziegler’s daughter, Kelly Ziegler.

“I love that my dad will be here forever, it’s one of the places that he wanted to be for the rest of his life so it’s surreal” said twin sister, Wendy Bridle.

A studio in New Jersey was commissioned to create the new bronze wildcat statue.

This was made possible through a gift from the estate of former board of trustees chair, Gil Ziegler.

Attending the unveiling was both the artist and the family of the donor.