Local financial partner celebrates name change

MARQUETTE — Private wealth advisory practice, Barton, Knaffla and Associates in Marquette, recently renamed to Flourish Financial Partners, held their ribbon cutting ceremony this morning.

Flourish Financial Partners of Ameriprise offers full comprehensive financial planning and the practice says they work hard to have their clients’ financial lives reflect who they are. Ameriprise has been assisting people in their financial life for more than 120 years.

“Our name change is really predicated on the fact that we have grown as a practice,” said financial advisor at Flourish Financial Partners, Scott Knaffla. “As we add new partners it’s easier than changing our stationary every few months but it also signifies the way that we work with our clients – the world flourish aligns with growth, wellness, and fun, and for us, that is the way we work with each and every one of you.”

Flourish Financial Partners is located on Division Street in Marquette.