Volunteer opportunities for 15th annual Marquette Blues Fest

MARQUETTE — The 15th Annual Marquette Blues Fest is right around the corner and the festival is in search of volunteers for the long weekend down at Mattson Lower Harbor Park.

The volunteer opportunities begin on Thursday August 30th for setup and will go until Monday for the tearing down of the festival. There are a multitude of positions available as well including, bar tending, grounds keeping, security and even more possible positions.
You will have to buy an admissions ticket but if you work at least two shifts you will receive you tickets price back. If you at least volunteer for at least one shift throughout the weekend you will get a special gift to remember your time working the festival.

“Not only do you get the music and the ability to help the community but you get a free T-shirt,” said Co-Volunteer Chair for Marquette Blues Fest, Dawn Stonerock. “You get the shirt when you work one shift and your first shift at that. Also when you work a second shift you get your admission ticket price back. So it is a free festival with a total of ten concerts basically throughout the weekend.”

You can learn more about how to volunteer for the Blues Fest click here.