Volunteers help with playground improvements at Birchview Elementary

ISHPEMING — Birchview Elementary in Ishpeming is preparing for the new school year by making improvements to their playground with the help of volunteers.

The Parent Group gathered Tuesday afternoon to begin enhancing the playground equipment by repainting already existing structures, and also to add painted games on the concrete, such as four squares. A few students also participated to represent their peers and to assist in the project.

“It’s such a nice community to work for and be a part of,” said President of the Birchview Parent Group, Tricia Seelen. “They’re really invested in the kids, and they’re really invested in the community. Whenever we have a need for something, they come through – it’s an honor to be a part of that organization, and really celebrate the community that we’re a part of here in Ishpeming.”

The Parent Group says this has all been made possible through fundraisers in the past.