Northern Michigan University enrollment grows

MARQUETTE — Northern Michigan University has some celebrating to do, with preparing for students to move in for the upcoming fall semester and a substantial increase in their freshman class.

Last year NMU experienced an 11% increase in their freshman class and this year they stand between 7–8% right now.

They are expecting 1600 new freshman to move on campus.

“Last year we just experienced a lot of high energy on campus the whole year, it was really positive. Enrollment is the base of that, this year again enrollment increase, we feel like we’re in a strong position and were just excited,” said Derek Hall, Spokesperson.

And one reason that NMU might be seeing this increase is because of a new program that they are offering.

“We have a good amount of students in the new medicinal plant chemistry program. That’s been very popular across the country. A lot of our out of state students are coming for that program. It was really interesting during orientations this summer to talk to parents and families. They were coming from Texas, California, and Pennsylvania for that degree,” Hall added.

Right now the applications for housing are up 12%.

The news resident halls are an 80 million dollar project.

The new residence halls will hold 1200 beds that will be done for this upcoming semester.

“We have a lot of options for living on campus, we have suite style. We have single bedroom availability; we have more of an apartment with a kitchen. Our students have really good living opportunities we are on campus,” said Hall.

Northern Michigan University students plan on moving in next week.