True North Treks visits property of new facility

AU TRAIN TOWNSHIP — True North Treks came up to start working on the plans for renovations of their new facility.

The Foglia Foundation Walden Institute is currently undergoing inspection for renovations. True North Treks came up to give the place a look and to start planning the next step in the development of this non-profit facility.

But they are very focused on making sure people can reconnect with nature and themselves.

“We have been doing our treks out west in Montana, Wyoming, and Utah since 2010,” said Founder and Executive Director of True North Treks, David Victorson. “We have seen tremendous transformations from the people that go on them. One because they get to be in nature and there is something restorative about being back in Nature.”

Even the previous owner who had owned the property is very happy to see it being put to good use.

“It is really interesting and everything I have seen so far is just amazing,” said Previous Owner of property, John Lundeen. “Well it is just the… I keep thinking about the other options and I think this place… it gives a lot of access to a lot of different people is the best way for it to be used.”

True North Treks is planning on renovation certain things to help their guests be more comfortable. They also have plans to even add a yoga studio and pavilion on site.

“We are basically going to be doing a few things on each floor to create a privacy door on each level,” explained David. “So that as the participants are sleeping; they can close off the room. It’s going to be really minor things because this place is incredible as is.”

Once the facility is fully operational, True North Treks will be working hard to make sure this is a beacon of hope for people who looking to gain a little bit of their life back.

“I am just excited for people to come here and enjoy the piece of property so they can rejuvenate from going through the cancer treatments and becoming healthy again,” said Owner of Grand View Architectural Designs, Billie LeVeque. “That they are able to refocus and reconnect with themselves.”

For more information about, True North Treks or the Walden Facility, you can click here.