MARQUETTE — Back to school doesn’t just mean shopping for school supplies, it’s a time for donating school supplies as well.



With the start of school around the corner, businesses and organizations are making sure they are able to help the community by hosting donation events or drop-offs.

The 8th annual Stuff The Bus is one of those events.

“We are stuffing the bus with school supplies” said Guest Experience Champion, Dee Dee Larson.  “Everything from pencils and pens to calculators, backpacks, paper, binders, anything you can think of that will help make our local children start off their first day of school on the right foot.”

All items that are donated are sure to go to a student that needs them.

“It’s very discreetly done, no names are ever mentioned. We don’t know who gets the backpacks and who gets the supplies, the schools are very discreet in doing that” said Larson.  “We want to make sure every student starts out the first day of school with all the new supplies that make starting school exciting.”

If you don’t have time to go out and buy school supplies, cash donations are always welcome as well.

“One student might have a class that needs different protractors, different things like that, that aren’t your typical supplies; so cash always comes in handy also” as Larson explains where cash donations go.

Their goal is to get their bus fully loaded with school supplies, just like last year.