Goalies Inc. returns to the Berry

MARQUETTE – Thirty-two skaters attended Goalies Inc. camp, a goalie school ran by Marquette native, Jim Stanaway.

The camp travels all across the United States, including places like Indiana, San Diego, and Nashville. The main focus of the camp is fundamentals of goal tending, and teaching the young guys how to think, and make decisions to stop the puck efficiently.

“We talk about setting up on pucks, being able to utilize stick control, rebounds,” said Jim Stanaway, President and Head Instructor of Goalies Inc. “We talk about utilizing their hands. Being able to have range. Being able to read plays. Utilizing their eyes. Setting up on pucks, and how it all comes together and how they can make good decisions when they need a play.”

The camp will be back in Marquette on December 22nd and 23rd. For more information, click HERE.