Back to School with ABC 10: Tips for back to school shopping

MARQUETTE — The idea of back to school shopping can seem overwhelming, from having to choose between different school supplies and school outfits.

Fortunately, Meijer has quite a few tips and tricks to make this year’s shopping easier for you.

“Out in front of me here is a list from all the local schools of what they need. So number one it’ll take some stress away there. Your child will go to school with a list from their school knowing that they’re getting what people are suggesting to bring. Number two it’s our one stop shopping, we can lower the stress. All you have to do is come here, we put all the back to school stuff together in one location,” said John Spaulding, Meijer Store Director.

And while your strolling these aisles, the district wants to remind you about getting the right clothes.

“The one reminder that we do send out is that students are coming to school to learn and to interact with adults. We ask them to remember that they’re not going to the beach and that it’s no longer summertime unfortunately. They are coming to a academic institution and the main focus is to make sure they concentrate on their studies and to dress appropriately,” said Bryan DeAugstine, Superintendent of NICE Community Schools.

During this back to school season Meijer is offering a special discount for teachers. All teachers can get a ten percent off discount to help get their classes ready for this coming school year.

“We know that budgets are constrained and teachers are so dedicated to what they do. We just want to give them a little bit of help with taking 10% off their shopping visit,” Spaulding added.

All teachers have to do is show their current school ID to customer service to receive their discount.