MUNISING — This summer is a great time to continue family education, all while enjoying the great outdoors.

Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore is hosting a new event called Family Beach Days. Every other Saturday from 1–3 P.M., adults and kids alike can spend time at three of Munising’s beautiful beaches and learn about the natural things that make the area unique.

The topics of discussion include Superior Birds, Pebbles and Rocks, and Colors of Nature. Park Rangers and staff alike are hopeful that the program will be successful.

“We had a good turnout our first beach day; we had 25 people, which was awesome,” said Park Ranger Amanda Rich. “It was people of all different ages, not only were parents participating, but kids were also participating. It’s great for everyone to learn something new that they might not think they would on vacation or at the beach.”

The second event of the season covers Superior Birds at Twelvemile Beach. Picture Rocks National lakeshore has other summer programs, including guided hikes that focus on Beavers, Coyotes, and Maritime History.

Remaining Beach Day topics and locations are as follows:

  • July 21st: Superior Birds at Twelvemile Beach
  • August 4th: Pebbles and Rocks at Miners Beach
  • August 18th: Colors of Nature at Miners Beach
  • September 1st: Superior Birds at Sand Point Beach

For more information and for more programs, click here.