Michigan law in place to keep bicyclist safe

MARQUETTE — Under new Michigan law motorist have to give bicyclist 3 feet when passing them.

This law will take effect on September 28th of this year.

Governor Rick Snyder signed this legislation last month. The new ruling has full support of the Law Enforcement.

“The safety and the motorist and also to bicyclist and pedestrians and people who do ride motorcycles. Hopefully the law clears up, you have to do it at a safe speed. So what we need motorist to do is to make sure they comply with this,” said Stacey Rasanen, Trooper, MSP Negaunee Post.

It’s not just about the bikers, its about us behind the 4 wheels. Making sure motorist passing at a safe distance especially when turning.

“They have a right to be there too, so they should be checking as a bicyclist. To that motorist needs to do a second look and make sure that its clear when they’re making their turning movements,” added Rasanen.

Long time bicyclist and owner of Down Wind sports is happy Michigan is moving forward and protecting safety for them, but he still suggest cyclist ride defensively.

“You have to proceed as if cars don’t see you. Definitely protect yourself as a biker. Get lights, rear lights, front lights. This is not to see in the dark, this is to be seen with. Definitely be aware of all your surroundings,” said Todd King, Co-Owner for Down Wind Sports.

It’s important for all parties to remember sharing the road and staying alert is the name of the game.