NMU installing new drinking fountains

MARQUETTE — Two months in with Northern Michigan University dealing with the water crisis on campus, they have found another solution.



Over the past couple months NMU has spent a lot of time finding and solving the water problems. Their first priority is to get the drinking water on campus back up and running. They are installing new drinking fountains with built in water filters in The Thomas Fine Arts, Learning Resource Center, and the PEIF. While they’re providing clean drinking water, they’re also going green.

“Our new drinking fountains add the bottle fill feature and there’s a counter on that. Our students really like that. They’re able to see how many times filling up a bottle, that’s reusable other than a plastic bottle. Our students are very sustainably minded and that’s been a good thing for us with our new things on campus,” Derek Hall, Spokesperson.

NMU is planned to have all the water fountains installed by the start of the fall semester.