MUNISING — No matter what we do, we always want to keep the future in mind. Getting the younger generation prepared for their next step is a key factor in ensuring the future is in good hands.

The Alger County Community Collaborative (A3C) hosted a career fair for 8th and 10th grade students from Munising–area schools. 30 tables representing careers and schools gave students plenty of options to consider for their future. Students also attended breakout sessions to explore financial aid, scholarships, grants and more.

“Sometimes youth may see their future in terms of barriers, and so we want to make sure that we tear down as many of those barriers as possible, letting them know what is possible,” said A3C Coordinator Mary Jo O’Halloran Torongo. “Just because you don’t believe that you’re going to be able to have a college education or a technical education, there are opportunities and ways to get there.”

Students had a chance to look at careers in law enforcement, medicine, business and more. Representatives from Bay College and Northern Michigan University took time to help them learn about potential career paths.