Equal Pay Day not only affecting women

MARQUETTE — April 10th marks Equal Pay Day, a national event to help raise awareness for the gender pay gap.



Families all over are losing money every year due to this gender pay gap. A full–time working woman in Michigan is paid 74 cents for everyday dollar a man makes.

As a result to that Women in Michigan are further behind than the rest of the country.

One phone call can level the playing field and help lift families out of poverty.

“On Equal Pay Day, I think we can make an impact by calling our legislatures and saying that women and families feel and waited long enough and that there needs to be some improvement in this picture,” said Karlyn Rapport, Public Policy Representative for Marquette AAUW.

You can join the conversation with AAUW on twitter tomorrow from 2-3 P.M. with the #EqualPayDay.

For more information on how to have your voice heard click HERE.