MARQUETTE — A debate about a hot topic in the United States was held at a local university tonight.

Northern Michigan University hosted a gun debate due to the recent happenings across the country. Mike Weisser and John Lott both led this debate involving guns and what needs to be done to fix the situation. Both of the presenters have their own take on what is effective for stopping crime.

“I am going to point out how important police are in stopping crime and that the police themselves realize that they always virtually arrive at the crime scene after the crime has been committed. The question is… What is the safest course of action for people to take? What you find is that by far the safest course of action is for people to have guns,” said John Lott.

“I have no problem with people you know doing that kind of security work who are really trained. But I’m sorry, putting a gun in your pocket and going to the shooting range a couple of times and shooting fifty rounds does not train you to do anything at all,” said Mike Weisser.

This debate has been a topic that many are very passionate about on both sides of the aisle. This type of event that allows students and others who attend the event to understand both sides of the argument, as well as allowing the conversation to happen in a safe and respectful setting.