MARQUETTE — Ice, snow, and a speeding car…these three things together often equal a slide off on the roads, or worse. Younger drivers on the roads may not know the ins and outs of avoiding an incident altogether.



NMU Public Safety is now encouraging students to join them in experiencing these situations in a controlled environment on campus.

In a parking lot behind the Superior Dome, students were able to drive an older patrol vehicle with a Public Safety Officer, and experience how to correct the most common causes of winter driving accidents. Students are learning safety tips from proper hand placement to braking and turning – and these tips could save their life one day.

“I just hope other people sort of learn how to control their vehicle in the winter too so not everyone’s at risk,” said NMU Junior Luke Aho. “Pretty much – just slow down and control your vehicle, and don’t speed at the same time as you turn.”

While students were navigating the course, they were given tips on how to avoid hazards and safely operate a vehicle during the demands of winter driving.

“One of the things we’re hitting hard here today is just reminding people that if you do lose control of your car, letting off the brake and the accelerator can held you regain some of the control,” said Sergeant Jon Kovar of NMU Public Safety. “And then applying either the accelerator or the brake as needed after that – but if you’re braking and trying to turn, odds are your car is not going to go the direction you want it to.”

The “Winter Driving Experience” complements related educational programs provided in Northern’s residence halls by Public Safety.