MARQUETTE — A Forsyth Township man arrested on child sexually abusive activity appeared in Marquette County Circuit Court for sentencing Friday.

After the sentencing was delayed due to a number of challenges to the pre-sentencing report, 57 year-old Todd Bartczak was sentenced to five years of probation. Bartczak pleaded guilty to possessing child sexually abusive material in November of 2017.

Per the terms of his probation, Bartczak’s name will appear on a public sex offender registry. During proceedings, he requested that he would not be required to move, despite living next to a park, and that he would be allowed to continue using his cell phone, except for photography purposes. Both of these requests were granted by the court.

Bartczak was originally arrested in December of 2016 following an investigation into the allegation that he was enticing a minor in sexually abusive activity for the purpose of producing child sexually abusive material.