Marquette County ACHIEVE Coalition provides organic produce to JJ Packs

MARQUETTE — Marquette County’s Action Communities for Health, Innovation and Environmental Change, or the ACHIEVE Coalition, recently donated over 2,500 pounds of organic fruit from the Marquette Food Co–op to JJ Packs throughout the past three months.



JJ Packs is an organization that sends children from low–income families home with healthy and nutritious food on the weekend when they do not get school meals. The donation was made possible by a grant from the Sault Tribe for Community Health, and it doubles the amount of fruit each child receives in their packs.

The children aren’t the only ones benefiting from the donation.

“It was a really excellent opportunity for both organizations to learn about one another. JJ Packs is now part of the ACHIEVE Coalition and it made all of us more aware of the work they were doing and what it takes for them to put together JJ Packs,” said Sarah Monte, ACHIEVE Co–Chair and Outreach Director at the Marquette Food Co–op.

More than 240 children living in Marquette County have benefited from the donation.

To learn more or to donate to JJ Packs, click HERE or call (906)250-6624. For more information about the ACHIEVE Coalition, contact Monte at (906) 225-0671 ext. 723.