Students head back to school

ISHPEMING — Students across the U.P. zipped up their backpacks today and headed back to school.

While students took a couple months off, teachers at Birchview Elementary School in Ishpeming were still working. Various new math and reading foundation programs are being added to this year’s curriculum. The teachers participated in professional development workshops aimed towards these new foundations.

Walking around the hallways of the elementary school, there was a buzz of excitement and some nerves as the first day was underway.

“Well I think the students are a little nervous and excited. It’s common for this age group to come back to school and things are different, with a new teacher but they are excited. I think they are ready after a good summer and we’re all ready. It’s back into the swing of things and we’ll be running smooth here in a matter of days,” said Birchview Elementary School Principal, Bernie Anderson.

The recently added programs are concentrated on teaching the foundations of both math and reading. As the Kindergarten through fourth graders were dropped off at school, there was also a mix of emotions from parents saying good bye.

According to Principal Anderson, the teachers and faculty are excited for another year.