Woman’s home damaged by fire, daughter hoping to pick up pieces

MARQUETTE — A local woman whose home was heavily impacted by a fire was able to make it out alive on Monday, but unfortunately her pet cat did not. The daughter of this woman is now asking for the communities support with getting her Mother back on her feet.

Polly Hammerschmidt’s home suffered serious smoke damage after a fire that began around noon on Monday. Although the house is still intact, not all her loved ones made it out safely. Polly’s cat, Freckles didn’t make it out of the home.

Polly has left a stamp on her community and was a Guidance Counselor at Gwinn High School for 30 years. A day after the fire, Polly returned to work.

After helping out fellow friends and neighbors in the area, Polly’s daughter is hoping for the community to do the same.

“She has brought so much good, so much value, and so much beauty into this world and it’s just the very last thing that she would ask for, even in times like this when she needs it,” said McKenna Montcalm, Daughter of Polly Hammerschmidt.

The cost of the damage to the home is unknown at this time and the cause is believed to be due to a malfunctioning dehumidifier in the basement. This home means a lot to Polly and was originally built by her Father.

If you are interested in helping out Polly, you can find a link to the Go Fund Me Page by clicking here. A portion of the funds raised will be donated to UPAWS to sponsor a cat adoption fundraiser in Freckles memory.

McKenna wants to thank everyone who has already donated so far.