NMU campus packed at annual festival

Marquette–Monday was the first day of classes at Northern Michigan University and the campus was full of smiling faces at the Wildcats annual Fall Fest.



Fall Fest is an opportunity fair held on the University Center lawn. Students had the opportunity to meet with campus organizations, volunteer opportunities, and local businesses. Monday afternoon, the walkways were filled with incoming students. Upperclassmen attended as well, but many represent clubs explaining what they are all about, and hoping to add more members in the process.

“Well their are lots of reasons we’re out here, fun is the biggest reason we love being out here,” club lacrosse player Jon Hornsby said. “We’re trying to get some new recruits to build our program; we got a lot of good things going. So we just need some more guys to add into that. You know help us, aid us, in our year.”

“It’s fun to see new friendly faces on campus, someone always saying hello, and getting free stuff,” freshman Emily Dvorak said. “Maybe like a writing club.”

“I was thinking about joining a music club that brings bands to the school,” freshman Baylee Johnston said.

Along with the two new students, many left the festival with full hands and more knowledge of campus programs. The festival lasted from eleven to three.Activities at the festival ranged from darts, virtual reality, to eating a lot of free food.