MARQUETTE TOWNSHIP–Residents and visitors of Marquette County know and love the many trails in the area. But with heavy highways like US 41, accessing the different networks can be challenging.

Recently, Marquette Township received $2.4 million of conditional funding from MDOT to construct a tunnel underneath the US 41 corridor just east of the Marquette Menards store in 2019. This would connect trail networks in the area, and also bring foot traffic safely into the growing shopping and entertainment district. In order to do so, the Township must match funds for two state grant applications that have been filed with the DNR and MDOT. The township has a go-fund-me page set up, and is asking for support.

“We’re looking for the public to assist us in our endeavor, and we feel that we have a great project it’s a much needed project and it’s something that’s been talked about for years,” said Planning and Zoning Administrator, Jason McCarthy.

Besides allowing the convenience of having recreational trails connected, McCarthy also says there’s also a safety factor.

“Right now, you have snowmobiles that are going over the highway in the winter, you see a lot of people – pedestrians and bicyclists that are crossing over the highway at various points – not an ideal situation there.”

The township has other proposed plans for 2019 as well, including a roundabout at the intersection of US 41, and County Road HQ. The funds to match the grants for the underpass are needed by October 1st.