MARQUETTE — In a matter of months, the former Holy Cross Orphanage, now known as Grandview Marquette, will open its doors.

Governor Rick Snyder and other state officials had the chance to tour the renovated space Wednesday morning. Snyder praised the addition of 56 living spaces coming to the area.

“Marquette is a great, exciting place,” said Snyder. “One of the wonderful things here is there is a young person community here of professionals and a creative community, so this is a magnet.”

Apartments at Grandview will be an affordable housing property, giving people who meet certain financial benchmarks the opportunity to live within walking distance of downtown.

“This will be a magnificent place for people to live and conduct their lives,” said Earl Poleski, director of the Michigan State Housing Development Authority (MHSDA). “It will also help folks who are homeless who need some additional help. I think we as taxpayers and citizens of Michigan can all be proud of the work that’s being done here.”

“People will be able to work close by. This is very needed for our city,” said Marquette Mayor Dave Campana. “MSHDA has been very important along with many other groups. But for them to recognize the potential here and then to make it happen is really appreciated.”

Through different funding sources, MSHDA invested over $10 million in the U.P. last year. And Grandview Marquette is part of that investment.

“It was built to minister to people originally and now it will minister again to people in our community,” said Poleski.