Presentation looks at the loss of historic structures in U.P. town

CALUMET — The Friends of the Calumet Library invited Keweenaw National Historical Park Ranger Lynette Webber to present on her three year-long project called, “What’s Missing in Calumet?”

The project highlights some of the major changes streetscapes in the Copper Country have undergone over the years. Image modification technology transported the viewers back to the early 1900s when Calumet was booming.

“Since the Calumet National Historic Landmark District was established in the 1980’s, we’ve lost more than 20 percent of Calumet’s historic structures,” said Webber. “‘Missing in the Copper Country’ is a way to highlight how important the ones we have left really are. We can’t appreciate what we have as much until we’ve realize how much we’ve already lost.”

Webber said much of her research came from comments on Facebook, where people from all over the country with ties to Calumet contributed their knowledge and memories. Those who missed the presentation can access some of the images by typing “Missing in the Copper Country” into any Internet search engine.