Gov. Snyder braves Lake Superior

MUNISING– Governor Rick Snyder is here in the U.P. and participating in one of Munising’s main tourists attractions to start off his trip.

After getting off of Lake Superior Tuesday morning, Governor Rick Snyder said he has visited Munising four times within one year. Snyder seemed to be at home cruising in an Uncle Duckies kayak while paddling around Grand Island early this morning.

When I asked what his secret was to mastering Lake Superior, he said all the credit goes to our local guides. The governor has even toured Munising in the winter months and a major point he made today was cities such as this one represent Michigan.

“Well the kayak trip was fabulous, it’s pure Michigan,” Governor Rick Snyder said. “We’re going around Grand Island; got a chance to go underneath an arch, back into a cave it’s beautiful. We saw three eagles in one tree alone. I mean where else can you find this in our country? It’s great to have it right here so I encourage everyone to come out and enjoy Munising and pictured rocks. Well they always joke about the big three but it’s not the auto companies the big three in Michigan are manufacturing, agriculture, and tourism. So we’re a state of tourism and we need to highlight that, this is clearly one of the spots.”

Aside from kayaking out on the water, Gov. Snyder also got to witness large amounts of white fish being caught with nets. After the crew went to Munising’s new attraction this summer, the Munising Interpretive Center. Here the governor enjoyed the 10 minute film highlighting Munising’s history from commercial fishing to the origin of Pictured Rocks boating tours.