Replacement sinking fund for Negaunee Public Schools to be decided Tuesday

NEGAUNEE — Voters in the Negaunee Public Schools district will have the opportunity to decide the fate of a proposed 10-year sinking fund. If passed, the sinking fund would replace the current one, which expires next year.

Negaunee Superintendent Dan Skewis says the money generated by passing the sinking fund would go towards upgrading technology throughout the district. One of the areas that would see upgrades would be the district’s security system.

Currently, about half of the district’s buildings currently have security cameras.

“There are areas of the district that we’d like to make more secure. The tennis courts, the football field, and some of our parking lots,” said Skewis. “We have some security there but it could definitely be increased and make life a little bit easier if something were to happen. We could go back and look at cameras and see what it was. It would ultimately keep everyone safer than what we currently are.”

Skewis added keyless entry into all of the buildings is something else money from the sinking fund would go towards if it’s passed. For more information about the ballot measure at Negaunee, click HERE.