Local library looking to pass bond proposal in August primary

MARQUETTE — Marquette County will be seeing some pretty full ballots on Tuesday for the special primary election. One of the items on the ballot is the Capital Improvement Bond for the Peter White Public Library.

The bond comes in at $4.2 million and focuses on restoration and repairs as well as fun space planning. The biggest issue the bond addresses is a crack in the foundation noticed back in 2014 that has spread upward, reaching the top of the building. The repairs and maintenance accounted for in the bond are cost prohibitive and without a bond, the library could suffer.

“The Peter White Public Library really is a cornerstone to downtown,” said Director of the Peter White Public Library, Andrea Ingmire. “We feel that it’s really important to keep the historical building in good upkeep and structurally sound. The bond will help us do that. If we’re unsuccessful in the August election, we’re really going to have to give some serious thought into how to fix that building because it’s such an important part of our community.”

The 15-year bond is set at .48 and would replace the 2000 bond, which was levied at .55. The previous bond ended over the summer, so the upcoming proposal would be a continuation for tax payers with just a slight reduction. Ingmire added that no changes to operating funds are included in the bond and they are still struggling with day-to-day operations.