MARQUETTE–The Peter White Public Library’s Board of Trustees met Tuesday evening to discuss zoning regarding an adjacent property.

The historic property at 145 W. Ridge Street is seeking an addition to their land which would consist of a raised parking roof that would extend out to a retaining wall near the public library’s land. The area surrounding the proposed retaining wall has seen heavy foot traffic from pedestrians, and the two parties are looking at options to beautify the area with shrubbery, or another sort of border.

“My wife and I bought the historic building roughly three years ago now, and we’ve been working towards bringing it into modern usage since that time,” said property owner Marc Weinrick. “This is just the next step in that process.”

The board hasn’t officially approved everything, but there was vocalized support from the members present. Peter White Public Library director, Andrea Ingmire, says the addition has little to no effect on library operations.