Fire hose tests conducted for local fire departments

ISHPEMING — Fire Catt, a Michigan based precision fire hose and equipment testing company, is in the area helping out local fire departments.

Service testing is an annual requirement by the National Fire Protection Association for equipment used by firefighters. Fire Catt travels all across the country conducting these tests for fire departments in 37 states.

The tests include pumping 200 to 300 pounds of water through a variety of diameter hoses used by firefighters and those hoses must hold the water for a certain amount of time. They then check the jackets for leaks or holes and make sure all the couplings are together.

Fire Catt can test thousands of feet of hose at a time which saves the fire departments time and energy.

“Oh a lot of the time the fire departments, they love us. We’re taking a big burden off their shoulders. Whether they don’t have enough guys or they can’t do as much feet as we can. We do three thousand feet a test. A lot of departments they got just a simple four manifold system where they can only do 100 foot per manifold or maybe even 50 foot,” said Fire Catt employee, Tristan Bean.

Fire Catt tested equipment for Ishpeming City and Ishpeming Township on Wednesday and will be conducting tests for the city of Marquette Thursday.

These tests are crucial to ensure that all equipment will be performing properly in an event of an emergency.