BIG BAY–The U.P All-Star football team continued their week of service on Thursday at the Bay Cliff Health Camp, as they held a football day for the young campers.

The All Star players divided into groups to meet the campers, and also to have a little fun, as they played their own versions of football with their new friends. From running down the field, to tackling and kicking, it was an enjoyable time for all.

“These kids are blessed, you know, they’re blessed with being smart and being good athletes,” said Todd Goldbeck, an organizer for the U.P All-Star Team. “They’re very fortunate to be where they are, and they’ve had a lot of people help them, and so this is our way of giving back to other people in the community.”

“The community gives back so much to us, so the fact that we can give back and help these kids out means so much to us,” explained team member Marcus McKenney. “Just seeing them happy, it’s one of the most amazing feelings ever.”

“It just feels good, you’re getting to do something you love, plus, you’re helping out so much and making other people’s days better,” said team member Jacob Paquet.

The players say that this event is one of their favorites, and that it’s inspiring to see the campers and the smiles that encourage so many.