Celebrities get closer look at Beacon House

MARQUETTE — Before the breaking announcement that the new Beacon House will be placed on the new UP Health System Marquette campus, celebrities participating in the Celebrity Golf Classic had the opportunity to get a glimpse of what occurs in the hospitality home and who they help.

NFL Players, golfers, even Captain Keith Colburn from the TV show, ‘Deadliest Catch’ stepped off the bus, only to be greeted by more celebrities themselves.

“We’re here to support an amazing foundation that supports people in their worst moments in life, you show up at the Beacon House and they take care of you,” said Captain Keith Colburn.

Each year, all the celebrities participating in the golf tournament are given a tour of the home and have the opportunity to hear how it has helped families in crisis situations.

“I was here in 2011 because my wife was in the hospital and I had three kids with me and the hospitality was great, I couldn’t have been able to bring the kids and visit my wife, without this place,” said Beacon House Resident, Bob Gurbig.

Fast forward a couple years later and Bob himself was diagnosed with prostate cancer, he’s found himself in need of Beacon House services once again and couldn’t be more thankful.

“I just can’t say enough about the gratitude,” said Gurbig.

For one man, whose wife suffered from brittle juvenile diabetes and eventually needed extensive treatment, the Beacon House was the perfect fit.

“One of her favorite spots was the kitchen downstairs; she just loved to do things in the kitchen. When we first came here, she was just beginning to develop these circulation problems but when it got to the point when she needed to be in a wheelchair, we found that this really was the place that could help us get through this time,” said Previous Guest at the Beacon House, Charlie Hopper.

The treatment she received extended her life several years but she recently succumbed to her circulation problems, last year.

“We’ve been doing some things in memory of her because she just loved this place and the people that she met here, especially the staff,” said Hopper.

Hopper enjoys giving back to this organization that continues to help families, free of charge.

“We just challenge other businesses and other families to do their part in helping here too, because it does so much for people in the whole region. Families that can come and stay when it’s a difficult time already because of the medical complications, but being here to be on hand and give support for that is something that the Beacon House really enables,” said Hopper.

After hearing these guest’s stories, the celebrities had an even better glimpse of the cause they are supporting during the U.P. Celebrity Golf Classic.