MARQUETTE–This weekend brings in celebrities from across the nation for the seventh annual Beacon House Golf Classic, some even with local roots in the U.P.

Celebrities are partnered up with locals to play in a scramble at Greywalls and Heritage. The driving factor behind the fun activities, is the admiration and support for the Beacon House. The non-profit organization announced the new location will be located on the new UP Health Systems Marquette campus. On top of the exciting news, with Steve Mariucci as the host, it’s hard to not get in the spirit.

“This is not a one man show or a five man show, this is a large community and with a lot of people that support it. Cause it requires a lot of people to build something like this and keep it going,” UPGCG Host Steve Mariucci said. “For fifthteen years I’ve had my heart with the Beacon House in it’s infant stages really and now this golf tournament for seven years has been fantastic. All these celebrities that come from all over the country, they come from all over the country and they have a ball. I just hope they get a chance to fish, jog around Presque Ilse, and see the town.”

What better way to start the match-up than some friendly competition. On–goers purchase Ping Pong Balls for $10 each
The celebrity drops all the balls from the cherry picker and the closet to the hole wins a set of PING golf clubs and a bag.

The competition continues with the celebrity champagne shootout. During this Beacon House Tradition celebrities shakeup bottles and aim the corks to the hole. The closest one wins bragging rights.

According to the celebrities the games and golfing are just a plus side to the big picture.

“Beacon House just does such a good job for so many people. You know it’s an amazing cause that serves the whole Upper Peninsula and that’s why we’re here. We’re trying to raise money for a good cause and help out as many people as we can,” professional hockey player Justin Florek said. “I can’t say enough about everyone who puts the event together. I’m honored to be here and be a part of it. I think it says a lot about a lot of the guys that come back here that aren’t from the U.P., Michigan, you know. They fall in love with the area, they fall in love with the community and that’s why they keep coming back.”

Some of our very own staff including Melanie Palmer and Chelsea Birdsal attended the event. Although the two do not usually golf in their spare time, they would never miss an opportunity to come together for a good cause. Before taking off one celebrity commented on a golf cart driving accusation giving tips of his own.

“You know when he said I was most likely to flip a cart, I don’t think Mooch knows how good of a driver I am. C’mon flip a cart, that’s if you lose control, as long as you never give up on it you haven’t crashed,” professional snowboarder Nick Baumgartner said. “We really find a way to stretch this one out and have as much fun with it. All the activities they have for us, it’s pretty awesome, it’s the best charity event that I have ever done.”

Although professional athletes were in the mix of participants, local golfers ranged in skill level, and a couple on-goers admitting they have only swung a club handful of times. Sadly this year no one made the million dollar hole in one tee off. But one celebrity raved of other prizes the U.P. has to offer.

“My skills on the golf course, let’s just say I’m not here to win any trophies, I’m here to have a good time,” Deadliest Catch fisher Capt. Keith Colburn. “The fish in Lake Superior, I just went fishing I got fish two days ago. The white fish here is incredible, Phil’s smoked house, that smoked white fish is like the best thing on the planet. Although I wouldn’t call it seafood but I’ll call it lake food.”

The auction alone last night raised $50,000 for the Beacon House.