Fairy Garden takeover: workshop, showcase, and competition

MARQUETTE– One woman creating unique pieces of art will be showing locals how to craft, giving them an opportunity to be shown during Art Week.

The Fairy Garden Festival of Marquette will be held in the Pocket Park downtown on Washington St during Art Week this Sunday. The miniature towns and houses shown off will be crafted by locals and voted for by the public in multiple categories at the event.

Marsha, the inspiration says the craft gives people an excuse to go outside and not all supplies have to be bought.

“You can go outside, find some interesting items,” small business owner Masha Kakhova said. “Look this branch looks like a tree, you know and create your own little world. For kids it’s a great activity too because it’s nice to be outside. Send them to the woods, ask them to bring interesting rocks, send them to the beach bring sand, bring moss, be creative.”

A workshop fairy garden building workshop will be held at the Presque Isle Pavillion Sunday, June 24th. The workshop costs $20, limited spots are still open. Some supplies will be provided thanks to sponsorships from Lowes, Ace Hardware, Auto Zone Marquette, and Nagelkirk.

For more information on the Fairy Gardens and future workshops visit Fairy Garden Festival.