Celebrities gear up for golf tournament with help of PGA professionals

MARQUETTE — Athletes and celebrities participating in the Beacon House’s U.P. Celebrity Golf Classic had the chance to hit the course with the help of PGA Professionals today.

The Jay Feely Celebrity Golf clinic, named after the NFL Veteran and Sports Broadcaster himself was held at the Marquette Golf Course. In this event, a number of different stations were set up to focus on specific areas of the golfing game. Feely is not a stranger to the U.P. and has participated in this annual event many times in the past. The mission behind Beacon House is something that Feely is passionate towards and enjoys showing his support.

“I think any organizations that steps into a situation where people are most desperate, when are in the hospital and have an illness or someone is dying, or going through something tragic, when you can step in and make it a little bit easier for them, that’s really special. That’s what the Beacon House does, there they’re there to support people at their time of greatest need and that’s why I want to be a part of it,” said Sports Broadcast and NFL Veteran, Jay Feely.

The PGA Professionals had a variety of players to work with from the NFL, NBA, and NHL who are strong athletes but needed a little direction with their golfing technique.

“The NFL guys tend to have a lot more muscle up top than you really need for golf but they stay in good shape, as long as you can keep them stretched out and move those big shoulders around, they can normally hit the ball pretty well,” said PGA Golf Professional, Donald Crawley.

Crawley mentioned that the best tip he can give any golfer, is to focus on the grip of the club and the rest of the technique will stem from that.

The celebrity golf tournament begins tomorrow at 9 A.M.