MARQUETTE–One online ticket company has learned its lesson in geography after leaving the UP off its sales map. The New York based company, Tick Pick, made things right tonight at Blackrocks brewery.

Locals gathered in downtown Marquette, as the co–CEO of the company, Brett Goldberg, traveled to meet the very people his company left off the map. Goldberg has since apologized in an online statement, saying he will set new guidelines for the business, so that nothing like this ever happens again.

“My decision to come to the U.P was really because that’s what everyone was telling me to do from the U.P, so I put out my response, and then a lot of people said that’s great, you should really come and see this place,” said Brett Goldberg, co-CEO of Tick Pick, “It just speaks to the pride that people have that live here.”

Negative reviews of the company online have brought their ratings to just above 1 star. Once word spread that the CEO himself was coming to the UP to apologize, Yoopers began to rescind their comments about the company they plan on giving a second chance. Goldberg, surprising all, even decided to pick up everyone’s tab at the brewery this evening, to show his appreciation to his customers in the Upper Peninsula.

“It’s a hidden gem, and I want it to stay a hidden gem, but I also want people to know that we’re still here, and this is still a beautiful place,” said Mona Saheb, a Yooper.

If any lesson was learned tonight, one thing’s for certain, never mess with Yoopers.